Embark under the lights of the Marina of Porto-Vecchio. The parasols of the Casa del Mar hotel show you the way.
Meet the patron saint of the island, Saint Julia. Play golf at Sperone. Find your golf balls at the bottom of the cliff.
Sail through a sinuous path between the rocks of the Archipelago of Lavezzi. Enjoy its nature reserve caressed by Sardinian lighthouses.
Savor some refined authentic dishes at Murtoli property, at the farm or next to the water, on a full-moon night. Open your eyes and find yourself in an abandoned cove protected by osprey.
Contemplate the virgin white sand beaches of Agriates desert as you are leaving them behind.



THE Riviera

The wharf at the marina of Portofino looks like an impressionist painting. The orange red roofs of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin are weaving through lush greenery.
Tame the Riva Aquarama and enjoy a vintage ride to Monte-Carlo.
Stroll around its narrow maze-like streets of Eze stumbling upon numerous art and craft shops.
At Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Patrice Garziglia will share his encyclopedic knowledge about marine flora and fauna during fishing.
The tender brings you to the Eden Rock of Cap of Antibes. The view is breathtaking, the service is of excellent quality and the cooking is more than refined.
The mythic port of Saint-Tropez welcomes you among the iconic celebrities. Appreciate the mildness of Mediterranean Sea at Salins or Pampelonne beaches.


THE village


Enjoy Mediterranean pleasures in the iconic paces. Every year it’s the meeting point where you are surrounded by a relaxed family atmosphere. Jean-Noel is your guide here and will take you under his wing. Stroll around the narrow shopping streets with all the top brand shops. Have a boat ride along the channel of the Port-Grimaud. This lacustrian town is a true paradise to discover and every sailor’s dream.Each house has its own dock. Assist at numerous of sails races of Voiles de Saint-Tropez where every year modern and ancient sailing yachts compete for the top honors. After a day at the beach, share the tapas at the Sube, surrounded by the ship models. Contemplate the Golf where the yachts and the sailing yachts are gliding over the water surface under the setting sun.
Saint-Tropez aerial view



George and Dany, Yacht captains, will guide you through the Formentera coast. Enjoy its transparent waters and its long wild beaches. Hectars of water host numerous vessels of different kinds and create joyful and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Get up on a paddle and go to meet your neighbors of the day. Get ashore by your tender on the Beso Beach and enjoy the fishing of the day in a relaxed lounge atmosphere in a straw hut style. Once arrived to Marina Ibiza walk down the quaysides of original and colorful architecture signed by Jean Nouvel, at the foot of the exclusive “Boas” buildings. Rendez-vous at the Marina. The view of the port and the old town are stunning. The dancer shows are followed by the innovative setlist. The night has only just begun…



Michele in Naples will bring you to the marina of Saint Lucia dominated by the Vesuve.
Embark with Giovani in direction to Capri, forget about the time at the bottom of the cliffs next to the Marina Piccola.
Antonio, Gaetano and Mario do miracles with delicious langoustes at the Fontelina restaurant. Enjoy them in the short distance from your boat.
Giulio moors your boat at the Marina Coppola d’Amalfi. Ravello, the capital of classical music offers you an exclusive concert just next to the cliff.
The last evening at Panarea, the sunset embraces the cliffs and brings memories of the lava flows of Stromboli.
Before leaving you pass by Lipari where Salvatore is stranded.

Sardaigne Porto Cervo



Taste the best pizza of Sardinia at Il Pommo do Rino restaurant at Porto Rotondo. The most recognized shopping brands are welcoming you at Porto Cervo to present the latest exclusive collections. Spend a night at Poltu Quatu Hotel in a warm, intimate atmosphere. Your captain has booked a table at the Scogliera on the Maddalena archipelago. Enjoy the lobster linguine right next to the water. Snorkel in the waters of Isola Budelli to meet the hundreds of sargos and the saddled seabream. While travelling along the north of Sardinia you pass by Corsica. The Straits of Bonifacio are like sirens calling you.



The cliffs of Taormina and the candles of the finest restaurants create a true romantic intimacy. Cross the strait of Messina, the border between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, between the flat Italian coast and Sicilian mountains. At Panarea the sunset reddens the peaks and brings memories of Mount Stromboli lava flows. Before leaving the Aeolian islands, you pass by Lipari where Salvatore is stranded. The Cefalu village, arising on the beach, is an ideal place for the anchorage in the clear waters, bordered by the medieval houses. Meet Massimo in the narrow streets of Palermo and discover the most delicious cannolo. Enjoy the Italian music at “la Sirenetta” Mondello Beach.
Sicile Taormina
Croatie Hvar port



Once arrived to Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, let yourself get lost in the narrow streets of architectural and historical treasures. After you leave the port, Mljet is hosting you for an anchoring in a wild and heavenly creek. You become a sailor and you are paying tribute to Marco Polo in his house of Korcula. Visit the island’s wonderful vineyards, the white wine is delicious. For nature and submarine sites lovers the island of Brac offers a truly luxurious vegetation and calm transparent waters. Bogdan is guiding you through the modernity and the history of Split where the museums, the shops and the restaurants please the visitors. The Diocletian’s palace reminds you of the prestige of this monument. In Zadar the nature is enhanced by the technology. Listen to the music of the sea and say goodbye to the setting sun.



After a discrete arrival to Paros in Cyclades an exclusive island of Sifnos is there to host you. Venturing along natural paths you may reveal amazing Ulysse itinerary.
The island of Sikinos abounds of hidden treasures. The secret of its wineries, its olive oil production and its sweet mild honey provoke the desire and temptation.
A secret creek reveals to you, offering a perfect way to relax. Nikos seizes the moment and improvises a special fishing experience.
The adventure brings you to Astypalea, the peak of your epopee. The small butterfly island is hosting mostly the fishermen. Only your boat is offering an accommodation. The purity of this place, isn’t it a perfection?
The way back to civilization is a calm navigation longing the wild coasts of Mykonos.

Grèce - Santorin vue sur catamarans au matin



Between the mountains and the small islets lies a lagoon of transparent waters of the Ölüdeniz beach. Relax on the immense Patara beach in Turkish riviera. Here the nature is carefully preserved. Some steps towards the dune lead you to an ancient archaeological site. Taste the roasted beef seasoned by the iconic chef Salt Bae in the fabulous Yalikavak marina. Escape to the Datça peninsula. Roman ruins, secluded beaches, traditional Turkish baths hidden in the hundred years old villages satisfy all your senses. A tiny inhabited island emerges next to the village of Simena. Its attractive beaches watch over the relics immerged from the ancient site of Apollonia. Enjoy the freshness of the Düden Waterfalls from the terrace of the Royal Castle Bistro.



The Caribbean islands are discovered one by one. Olivier guides you all through this exploration. Their beaches of fine sand and turquoise waters fill you with emotions.
The Caribbean atmosphere seduces you with its culinary and musical traditions. Beneath the Tropics, the marine and earthly life are luxurious.
Meet turtles, dolphins and wales during your first scuba-dive offered by Polo. On the low-lying islands, colorful parrots and birds are waiting to meet you.
Enjoy all the water sport activities either in the bays protected by the Caribbean sea or the coasts exposed to the Atlantic ocean.
Barbados, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucie, Martinique, Dominique and Guadeloupe – compose your dream holiday according to your taste.




Hundreds of islands as far as the eye can see offer you a unique experience. Enjoy the simple desire of farniente, strong sensations or getting back to nature. The turquoise waters constantly invite you to join them. Swim with the dolphins, sharks and feral pigs from the pink sand beach. Cross the Glass Window Bridge, a naturally formed wonder between the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the calm turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Handy organizes the deep-sea fishing next to the coasts, taste your catch right after during the improvised barbecue. Lie and relax peacefully on a beach situated under the Tropic of Cancer.



At the crossing of the Caribbean and America, Miami hosts a culture of rare diversity. Street art and art galleries mingle together joyfully, every step you take in the lively streets fills you with surprise.
The tropical climate is the ideal one to enjoy the long white sand beaches.
The wild part of Florida, the Everglades, unveils itself to you. This time you embark on board one of the typical boats – the airboat.
Jordan accompanies you to the luxurious art-deco hotels and world-renowned attractions.
The gastronomy emitted from the fusion of different cultures delights the guests.




Browse through the local shops of Buzios and wear the Brazilian colors. Contemplate the exceptional sea view from the terrace of Mistico Restaurant. At the arrival to Rio de Janeiro you are under the watchful eye of the Corcovado. The festive atmosphere of the city leads you to the concert to Sambodrôme. Enjoy the getaway to the natural reserve of Cagarras islands offshore from the Ipanema beach. Experience the beauty and peace of Ilha Grande to recover from all the emotions. The transparent waters of this green island are welcoming you. Get advice on fishing with the dwellers of Paraty along the Costa Verde. On Ilhabela Leon guides you to the natural falls whose location is kept in a closely guarded secret. The natural slides will bring you new sensations. Before your departure, get lost in the concrete jungles of Sao Paulo to discover the authenticity of the city, mingling history, culture and football.



At the very arrival you are immersed into the local culture. Enjoy the grill with the mariners who come back from fishing.
Meet the chef Ørjan Johannessen, the winner of Bocuse d’Or 2015 world cooking contest, and learn the best of his secrets.
The spectacular Nærøyfjord leaves you speechless on the way from the Norway’s longest and deepest Sognefjord. Along its banks the most adventurous ones can have a walking, cycling, kayaking experience or a helicopter tour.
Venture into the heart of a true Viking village in Gudvangen.
Experience what salmon fishing is like at Kaupanger. The best fish is cooked during a private barbecue.
Norway welcomes you in every season, go for a hunt of the aurora borealis, for a meet with the whales or on the immaculate ski pistes.




Our winter is the perfect moment to discover Thailand during the dry season.
Meander through the jungle searching for parrots and elephants.
A waterfall appears! Enjoy this moment of fun and relaxation at its bottom. We keep your personal belongings safe from the monkey-thieves.
Sail among the traditional long tail boats to join a secret base of James Bond’s antagonist. Imagine you are a ship-wreck survivor spending time on the abandoned beach of Koh Lanta.
Explore the limestone cliffs and discover some huge caves on a kayak.
At the restaurant on the Kata beach, savor the famous caramelized chicken with Pong spices.




Conquer the Asian market on board your ship. Let Stefan be your guide. Meet an expat who will reveal to you the secrets of his business success. Join business clubs and expand your contacts. Organize appointments and fishing experiences on board your vessel with your clients or associates.From a private loge of the of the Happy Valley race course, find your new business partners while watching spectacular horse racing. From a wonderful swimming-pool situated on the 118th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, contemplate your future playing field at an altitude of more than 450 meters. Make your wishes of success at the Temple Wong Tai Sin, according to the legend they always come true. If you pass by Macao with its casinos and high-standing enormous hotels, don’t forget to inform your accountant.



A warm welcome in an authentic atmosphere is waiting for you at Barton Port. Meet up with the turtles in the sea. The encounters with the wildlife of numerous islands of El Nido come after. Turquoise lagoon waters, framed by the green rocky peaks of the Coron Island, are abounded with multicolored fish. By following them you will discover the Japanese shipwrecks. White sand beaches of Boracay invite you for a seafood tasting, right next to the water. Admire the color contrasts at Camiguin, wandering along the black volcanic sands. End the day by relaxing at Siquijor, a quiet island with deserted beaches.



Indonesia reveals its treasures at any time of the year. According to the season you will discover one of its 13.000 islands. After the diving experience in the coral reef, enjoy numerous celebrations at Gili islands. Dragons are waiting for you on Komodo island. When the night falls you will listen to the fishermen’s legends. On the Celebes island the time has stopped and the local cultural heritage mingles with the nature. Explore Maluku and Banda islands and discover their spices. Immerse into the core of the worldwide biodiversity in the north of Papua on the Raja Ampat archipelago.
Indonésie plage Daimond



The archipelago of Maldives hosts you for a stay full of surprises. Contemplate a beach being illuminated when the dusk falls and go for a deep-sea fishing. Spend a night in the house on the stilts after having walked along the pontoon, snaking across the ocean. Together with Cedric discover a marine seabed covered with colorful corals abundant with life! Enjoy a submarine trip to meet whale-sharks and manta rays. A stay on the boat will let you discover the beauty of the coral reefs. After a fly on the hydroplane you will get acquainted with the essence of the Maldives’ charming beauty.



Back to the nature admirably preserved by the archipelago. These lush fauna and flora were formed by the extraordinary islands’ life conditions to get marvelously developed. All your senses are stimulated. More than 150,000 giant tortoises live in this environment. Land and sea encounters with unique species are multiplying. Laying on the fine sand beach or on board your ship, contemplate the granite rocks embrace the sunset. In this ideal destination Sylvain, your captain, will be pleased to offer you a first catamaran experience.

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